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JASON LANYARD | Lic. R.E. Salesperson

Jason’s track record is not just a tagline but a resume of his achievements. Over the course of his nearly 15 years in the industry, Jason redefined brokerage to reflect one prime directive: profits. He revolutionizes the transactional nature of real estate by viewing all property not as a realtor but more of a wealth manager: real estate after all is the most significant (and personal) asset class in one’s financial portfolio. Be it a Condo, coop or townhouse, primary residence, pied-a-terre, vacation home or investment property, each is not only a representation of present value but of future resale profit. Most brokers askew making projections of the future, but for Jason and his carefully trained team, it is a business model.

Jason graduated from Princeton and then had a brief career as an actor after training at the Royal Academy of Mu- sic in London. Clients appreciate his unique style which blends his academic background with the contemporane- ous ease of a performer. Buyers and sellers alike benefit from his encyclopedic knowledge or property amassed over the years. Sellers especially appreciate his creative approach to sales and marketing which allows him to marry the aesthetic elements of a well-presented property with the strategy of a diabolical advertising campaign.

For Jason, luxury is not just a lifestyle but a statement of wealth and prosperity. Put Jason to work for you and let him grow your wealth with your real estate.

GEO PUNNAPUZHA | Lic. R.E. Salesperson

Now an industry veteran, Geo came to real estate and the Lanyard team after a successful career in investment banking (Natixis CIB) and trading (Freepoint Commodities). This background informs his data-driven approach to real estate, providing both buyers and sellers in-depth market analysis, valuation analysis, and real estate modeling. He also works side by side with wealth managers to provide their clients with structuring & financing advice and portfolio management. This hybrid experience in real estate and finance allows him to carefully guide his clients through any type of purchase or sale whether it be a condo, coop, townhouse, country home, multifamily or com- mercial property. On the right brain side Geo is a millennial with a keen eye for style, providing sellers with visually impressive property presentation and marketing.

Geo is a native New Yorker born and raised in Long Island City with a stint overseas in India during his childhood. Geo attended Polytechnic University and New York Institute of Technology, graduating with a dual degree in Electri- cal and Computer Engineering.

ROBERT TAUB | Lic. R.E. Salesperson

Robert Taub’s clients appreciate the Lanyard team’s pragmatic and savvy approach to real estate. He has repre- sented many prestigious exclusive listings and has also worked with a large number of buyers, selling hundreds of properties throughout New York City, the Hamptons, Nantucket and Florida.

After graduating from Ithaca College, he went on to an award-winning career in television, where he wrote and pro- duced a wide range of programming from CBS’s Eye on People to World Wrestling Entertainment. He has discussed real estate and business as a frequent guest on Fox Business Network and currently writes a column for Thrive Global.

A native New Yorker, Robert became a licensed agent at age 19, while working in his mother’s real estate office during his college summer vacations. Rob has served as the board president of a prominent Upper East Side build- ing for 15 years and has owned numerous properties in Manhattan and the tri-state area since 1983. Having lived in Manhattan for more than 30 years, Rob’s children were born and raised in the city, and he currently resides in Carnegie Hill. He is a member of The Metropolitan Club and sits on the board of The Association of Foreign Corre- spondents. Rob is an Ambassador for Know Diabetes by Heart, a joint venture of the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association
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Lanyard Team

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